We have officially started the journey of making this documentary happen! 

I made the 4 hour trip from Raleigh to Canton this past weekend for the kickoff event held downtown. I really wasn't sure to except for the first day of shooting.  To be honest, I was nervous. You are always nervous starting something new, this was like a "first day of school" type thing.  This has been a project I have been wanting to do for a few years now, I just never had the time.  I have been working the majority of weekends for the past 5-6 years so I never really had free time to do projects that I came up with.  I always just stashed them away and said "one day".  Well Saturday was that "one day", I talked with a few people, got some b-roll and just scoped everything out.  

Here are some of the quotes from the interviews describing the rivalry. 

"It's everything.  If you ever want to find 15,000 people in one spot come out to a Pisgah/Tuscola football game."
"The whole town shuts down for this one day"
"It's tradition"
"It's one of the best things that this county could have"

It's very evident with talking to people in the community that this rivalry is much more than just the football game.  It's a way of life and it's something that shows what Haywood County stands for.  I spent just about 3 hours in Canton doing interviews before heading back to Raleigh. 

I have gotten a very positive response from the community about the project and I am very excited to start setting up interviews with former players and coaches that have reached out about the documentary.

Much more to come!


    Director of Rumble in the Mountains and 2002 graduate of Pisgah High School